Greetings, a recent 'works perfect' Pen EE purchased of Ebay is not perfect -- surprise ;-)

I am debating returning it but wanted to see if anyone can offer advice before I try to negotiate a return. THE PROBLEM: It works fine when there is a lots of light out (and the ASA is at a higher setting) and the shutter happily clicks away. As you may remember, the EE has a slower shutter speed that it uses for lower light levels (but light levels that are still bright enough to not trip the red flag). This slower speed is also used for the flash settings. When the shutter is operating at this slower speed it does not close. Well it does not close until you either let up of the shutter button or jiggle the wind lever.

I have googled, within here and elsewhere, and I have heard sticky shutters and aperture blades can be a problem with this camera, but the weird thing is that it works faultlessly when it is firing at 1/200th of a second. It is when it is firing at 1/40th of a second that it is not working. I don't think it is sticky shutters or blades, but may be wrong.

Given this camera does not have a super fast lens (only f3.5) nor can handle film faster than 200ISO, it is a big deal that it cannot fire at the slower speed. Any suggestions out there, or should I just try to return the puppy?? I know there are great guides of Pen EE tear down -- -- which I may do it there are no other options, but I am not sure that this would address the issue.