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(there are no Tessars in Rolleicord cameras!).
Actually, at the end of the Rolleicord production, a set of a hundred or two was made for the British RAF that had Tessars installed. I think that they were for use by the RAF, not for sale to servicemen. But they pop up on the market every now and then. Well, anyway, if you do see a Rolleicord with a Tessar, don't immediately dismiss it as a fraud.

And if I get bored one day, I will put a 3.5 Xenotar or Planar in a Rolleicord body. Everything will fit and everything will work as the shutter and aperture mechanisms are tied to the shutter, not the lens elements. The viewing lens won't swap, but I bet it can be close enough. Then when I get bored using it, I'll put it up on Ebay and watch people have fits......