It hasn't been developed into a marketable device yet. It's just a working prototype.

What kind of equipment is needed to engrave the data onto the glass slide? What kind of equipment is needed to read it? The article doesn't say. Neither does it discuss the expense. They do say that the system will be first marketed to government agencies and museums, etc. All entities with deep pockets.

At this point, these glass slides can hold 40 MB of data. That's barely enough to hold one good sized JPEG. I've got CF cards and USB key fobs that hold orders of magnitude more data and at fractions of the cost. I can easily afford to refresh my data onto duplicate devices, giving me multiple backups of my files, still at a fraction of the cost of one of these glass chits.

Sounds to me like this is a long, long way from becoming reality if it ever happens at all.

Besides, this sounds like it's just some fancy form of photogravure on glass. I bet there are people here who can already do this with analog images. Properly done, I don't see why photogravure can't perform as well as or better than this "digi-gravure."