Nate, was that your 16 1/2" Dagor Joni was shooting with a little while ago? It inspired me to look for the 19 1/2" but I still have to sell one of my kidneys if I want to buy it.

Reinhold is making me an 890mm at the moment for my 20x24 Chamonix...I'm very excited to put it to use when it's done.

I want this soft focus meniscus for the secession photographer in me and the 20x24 f8 Goertz RR, Apo Nikkor 890 f11 and eventually the Dagor for sharp landscapes with perfect contrast.

Reinhold, as Nate and I are both wet-platers I suppose the shutter is a convenience easily sacrificed but maximum aperture is vital. I'm a portrait photographer at heart. The one issue I have is shooting head and shoulders on ULF without 2m of bellows to factor in. If you can make a fast meniscus, that doesn't overly distort at a shorter focal length, but will cover head and shoulders on a 20x24, you'd make me a happy that asking too much (tongue placed firmly in cheek)