I just came back from photokina, where i met with Jobo officials, and reps from many other companies.
I had an opprrotunity to check out and play with the new Jobo CPP3 and have lengthy discussions with the engineers and designers of the new machine.
I will be updating more about photokina news
Here are some of my experiences (and a few photos):

The Jobo booth at photokina was a bustling hub of interest for the many film users who visited Photokina this year. Jobo is amongst the few companies offering analog photographic film products who were represented in the show, and is one of the only companies in the world currently offering a unique film processing system that is suitable for both home and low volume users as well as major top end photo labs offering industry standard film processing.

For the first time at the show, Jobo has publicly shown the very much anticipated new film processor - the CPP3. This machine is the first new film processor design in many years and one of very few currently available film processing machine. The Jobo CPP3, along with the Jobo tank system is a stand alone system, that encompases the ability to process any analog photographic media from BW roll film, to 20X24 inch sheets of RA4 paper or ULF in practically any format and process available.

The new system is fully backwards compatible with all existing Jobo drums, reels and many other components, such as the lift. Our hands on testing and experience with the new machine was incredible. The machine boasts an 'ATL' like control panel, with a huge, blue glowing multi tasking LCD panel.
The new machine includes several improvements, the chief one being a built in fully programmable process timer, similar in operation to the well established Jobo timer 8\16. The timer and display offers an audible and visual alert for the user as process stages progress, and also helps start stop the main rotation motor as needed.

With 32 channels (which come pre programmed with some popular processes, but that are fully user programmable) the possibilities are endless. A suggested foot switch, similar to the one used on the Jobo timers, and on many enlargers will allow the user two free hands is being discussed by R&D folks at Jobo.

The new machine also has a newly designed thermostat control, which like the timer control is extremely programmable and flexible and offers the user control not seen before. Motor speed control is also fully controllable via the electronic interface, Jobo say they are working on a way to combine the motor speed setting control with appropriate process\format user input, that might be integrated into the timer channel programming.

Many of our customers are asking about the motor in the new unit - the motor is a newer version of the ATL motor, stronger then ever before, supported by stronger board components, making is suitable for use with any of the Jobo drums, and especially for Jobo Expert drums (3000 series drums). The stronger motors insures a longer life span, better reliability and a larger max capacity (Pyro users will be happy to know that even though there is no official number from Jobo we suspect it to be much more then the 1200ml max of the past allowing for larger loads of stock solution per square inch in the drums)

As before, a cold water inlet solenoid will take care of over heating by introducing cold water into the trough.

The all black finish of the machine looks sleek and clean. The materials are more robust the ever before.

Check out the blog for more info, and more updates that will be posted soon.

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