I have recently acquired a plate camera in lovely, little used condition marked 'Perka Munchen' with a serial number of 19. This is a request for information about the company as I have so far been able to unearth little other than the following:
They were based in Munich and McKeown's has them in existence from 1922 to circa 1930. As such they must have been in direct competition with Linhof. The camera looks very similar to the early Linhof plate cameras. They did supply cameras to other disributors and one such was marked Silar. When they went out of business Linhof themselves took over the the production of Silar cameras. I am wondering why they went out of business. The quality of construction is equal to early Linhofs I have seen, so they may have been absorbed into into another company (Linhof?) or they may simply have been a casualty of the economic conditions of the early 1930s in Germany.
The camera itself comprises a die cast metal body, leather covered with nickel fittings. The GG measures 96mm x 145 mm approx (3.75" x 5.75") which I am assuming is postcard format. It is double extension with shift, backward tilt, rise and drop bed. There is a rotating back but no back movements. It has an interesting single lens direct vision type viewfinder which can be deployed in a landscape or portrait orientation to match the rotating back. It has its own style of flat lens board which has been well designed with a catch and two locking pins on the top.
I am very interested to know more about this company as extensive Google searches have produced little. I would also been interested in acquiring a plate holder to fit. I will post some pictures once I can regain access to my camera.