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I dunno Tony, but I've spotted you around the RF Forum lately...It's that lot that got me wanting a FED. I'm willing to wager you a pint that if you hang out there too long, you too will succumb to the charms of FSU RFs

Kent it's a fair cop gov'nor ... it's was spotting a Zorki in the local rag and then asking about them here that got me interested in RFs in the first place

Alas I missed that one but being in slow motion like I am and being indecisive I then found myself reading threads here about the Canonets which I did actually get around to buying LOL

But you do have me there as I can easily see my collection of Canonets growing and most probably picking up the odd FSU RFs along the way. I've dcided that I am going to sell my F100 and move over to RFs. Is it too late for a mid-life crisis I wonder