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Steve- you may have had some awareness of this from having been here in DC and seen the movie, but by and large movies that take place in DC are often not shot in DC and at best have a distorted sense of DC geography, if not are outright fabrications. Sometimes Baltimore is used for a stand-in, ".
Hmm. That's interesting. Is there a particular reason why they might choose not to shoot in DC? Perhaps permission to film isn't too forthcoming because of the large number of federal and governmental activities that take place there. I really liked it (though the heat and humidity took a bit of getting used to). When I went up the monument it was pointed out that the colour of the stone changes part way up because of the US civil war interrupting the construction. Apparently when construction resumed after the war the stone was sourced from a different quarry. That slight change in stone colour was even faithfully portrayed in an episode of The Simpsons!