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You wants a carry-on list!?
...do you even need to ask?! You were in my thoughts today mate, as I was rearranging me gear, making a new footprint for one of my tents, then stopping to decide which one to take... Weighing all my gas bottles, subtracting tare weights to figure out how many days each one has left (on my average of 27g's per day)... ALWAYS love seeing other people's pack lists and how they do it.

I'm heading away, probably after the weekend (meant to be really wet), and for the first time I'm making the conscious decision that photography is my secondary aim. I always go out with the intention of long days of quiet meditation, reading, journaling and strolling around, but it always turns into "oh, and I HAVE to take this camera, incase I come across this.. And if I see that, then ill need this kit too...". This one will be aaall about the time away, I'm not sure yet, but the camera kit might consist of, oh, I dunno, a 'Clack' or something!