Some time ago I bought a privately advertised SLR from a local young woman and was satisfied with the purchase. During inspection I noticed that there was a partially used roll of film in the camera but did not think more of this, as I was closely inspecting the camera and lenses. The price was good and my inspection warranted purchase.

I really was happy with the purchase 'after the fact' and I decided to do this person a favor and attempt to process the film. I did this. They were family photos: different members sitting in chairs and such. However, she did not respond to my free offer to send them to her.

In retrospect I think that I was presumptious and thoughtless: such photos were really none of my business and I just might have offended her with my 'daring forwardness'. At the time of developing the film I was totally innocent here and was really initially surprised that she did not return the courtesy. Now I honestly feel differently. I should have discarded the film or, perhaps even better, sent the unprocessed film back to her.

I have a feeling that most viewers of this post will agree with my final decision. - David Lyga