To address some of the comments on here about this, and my reason for posting it is to find out your views on this new technology. Compared to CD/DVD's, this is supposed to be a lot longer lasting. Yes, it only has 40 MB of storage, but that will no doubt be improved to something higher. As with anything the price will come down I assume. As much as I love film, I'm finding it to become so expensive that in a few years I will not afford it no matter what I prefer. I would hope that some of my pictures, especially of family will be around for at least 100 years. My old Kodachrome slides will probably do that easily as some are 50 years old now and look great. If I go to digital 100% some day, (and being 60 years old I know that I will only be a digital photographer for about 20 years at most) I would like to know that I can back up my shots to last for years after my death. Right now there doesn't seem to be anything out there in the digital world that will last for 100 years that a simple scratch will render useless. Ric.