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I had at one time about four years ago considered buying a new F6, but the more I looked at the specification the more I felt it was overkill for my personal type of photography, although it is indeed a wonderful technical achievement.
Before I decided to buy the F6, I've also often thought about whether this camera may be indeed overkill.

But quite fast after my purchase and the first films shot with it I knew no, not an overkill at all.
Because it is never an overkill if
- the camera has perfect ergonomics and fits like if it was made specifically for your hands
- the mirror and shutter are both so well dampened that you can shoot at rather long exposure times, getting very sharp images; the mirror and shutter dampening of my other slr's is much worse
- the camera is operating much more silent
- the camera has a perfect viewfinder
- the focusing is much more precise compared to other models, both with AF and MF
- the camera is such a joy to use that you are happy with it, and if you are happy your pictures will be better

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