I have yet to have a landscape yell at me. I do shoot in area that are generally considered dangerous, lately the Flats or warehouse district of Cleveland, Ohio. At age 72 pushing a 7x17 in a baby jogger I am resigned to the fact that I can not run away from a threat. I prefer and usually shoot with another pair of eyes, usually a 50 year old man with an 8x10. He is no more likely to run than I. We try to always have one of us looking about while the other is under a dark cloth. We both have cell phones and I carry a bottle of bear grade Mace (pepper spray) on my belt in plain sight.

We are very polite to who ever approaches us. Usually they are honestly curious what we are doing, what that big thing on the tripod is, and why we are there. In most cases they find nothing attractive about what we are shooting and wonder what we see in it.

In one particularly bad neighborhood a man about 25 years old approached and said, “Excuse me for bothering you, Sir, but what is that thing and what are you doing?” I explained that it was a camera designed for wide angle pictures and I was interested in the large freighters and the bridge building on the Cuyahoga River. He thanked me and said that it was interesting. I thanked him for being so polite, and said it was a new experience in this situation.

John Powers