The other day I had my Pentax 645n with its 120mm macro mounted on a focus rail on my Manfrotto tripod shooting a dog-tooth violet in my front yard. My next door neighbor, who rarely speaks to us, hollered "Mighty fancy camera, George. Is that a Nikon?" I told her it was a film camera, a Pentax, and that Nikon had never made anything like it. She seemed disappointed that it wasn't a Nikon and wasn't digital. Now, had I been using my baby Busch Pressman she probably would really have gone off the rails.

Not abusive, maybe, but irritating.

Shooting with the same camera someone asked me how many megapixels, can I see the LCD? I told him 30 to 50 depending on what film I used and the dpi level of a scan. He stomped away mumbling "GD smart***" or worse.