His aesthetic seems to be something I've started to gravitate towards in my own practice - clean, formal without being forced, concentrating on rural fringes. Funny then that I've never had the chance to spend time with his work, books being so rare. His approach and style has almost seeped into the contemporary vernacular without anyone knowing where it came from. I'd LOVE to own one of his books, but it would probably mean a few months off shooting with those prices.

Suppose it's just another sign of how much Britain values its photography heritage. I don't suppose we'll be seeing any reissues of the books, if Fay Godwin, Paul Hill and John Blakemore are anything to go by.

It's a crime.

Interesting blog post on him - http://thoughtsonartandteaching.blog...#axzz27Vhs2u00

Is anyone familiar with his work or own one of his books?