david, just throw the film out. its not worth the trouble.

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I had sent number of free stuff here on APUG and I even paid for the shipping as I knew the "buyer" had limited funds. After the package was delivered, there wasn't even a word of "thanks" or acknowledgement via emails. I'm quite surprised at this but oh well.

I will just do what I think is right and in good conscience/faith. People behave in strange and unexpected ways.

My point being.... you can't do things and make a decision based on what someone might do or think as they can be quite predictable. You only have your own conscience to follow.
t -

i know what you mean, it's a leap of faith.
over the years i have bought people subscriptions to apug
... i knew they had limited means &c ...

one of these people tried to have me expelled from the website
for being nice ...

go figure.