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Things have been a bit quiet here in the emulsion making forum so here's a general question from thinking about things I have read lately.

The few batches of SRAD emulsion I have made to date have used Potassium Bromide, KBr. Other formulas call for Ammonium Bromide instead, NH4Br. So, since when using KBr we have

AgNO3 + KBr -> AgBr + KNO3

I suppose we'd get

AgNO3 + NH4Br -> AgBr + NH4NO3

So what I was wondering is at any point are the ammonium ions (NH4+) available for use as a silver solvent, so a dual purpose, or are they immediately combined with nitrate ions (NO3-) to create ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3?
I would have thought the latter.