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That's pretty much the same reason I read of.
I'll be interested in the images!
...maybe I'll get a Gauss version too.......
I found those negatives, the 36th roll I shot in 1991, but they're not holding up very well; lots of scratches and dark specks, maybe mold or silver from unflushed silver halides. Alas. I'd never find that hawk in this so I just printed a 5x7 at around 32x and scanned it. It's de-lammed in places from the microwave quick-dry.

At 1.4MB I think it will download quick enough. Specs, as I recall:
Location: Chasm Lake at the foot of Longs Peak's east face. Maybe 10,000 feet. Longs is 14k, the ridge is maybe 13+. 6 AM
Nikon F, mirror locked up, tripod weighted.
105mm f/2.5 silver-nose Sonnar, f/8.
Red 25 filter.
Kodak Tech Pan developed in something. I think it's by the guy who made "Perfection", some kind of POTA or Windisch-based formula.
Sprocket hole included for scale.