I was driving through Scarborough North Yorkshire last winter and saw a coach parked outside a suburban house with posters in every window advertising an Elvis impersonator who was playing a New Years Eve gig. It was early morning with snow on the ground and the whole scene was a bit odd so I decided to photograph it. I jumped out and started moving around to get the shot. Suddenly I heard a load of abuse coming from the house behind. I turned to see a bare-chested bald man fastening a pair of sequinned trousers up coming out of his front door. He bawled and shouted and abused me before I finally managed to convince him I wasn't the local authority who he'd had trouble with for parking his coach on the grass. He went back in and as I left I pushed a business card through his door with my website in case the photos were any good.
A few days later I received an email with the subject line: 'A Message from Elvis' and an apology.