I'm not sure if this will be a worthwhile thread or a can of worms, but the title is my question. I'd like to hear about some of the more ridiculously expensive cameras out there - Linhof TK45s, Toyo VX125, Arca Swiss, Sinar, (any others), in case I can afford one someday.

Does all the extra money for the cameras I listed above buy you front and rear standards that are accurately square with eachother when the camera is "zeroed" out of the box?

I have been thoroughly disappointed with the two cameras I've owned so far (one of them just purchased new) when it comes to parallelism/alignment. Neither of these cameras were cheap, though nowhere near the price of a Linhof or Arca. I have wasted thousands of dollars so far, after doing tons of careful research beforehand. If only there was some way to try these things in a store before buying.

I don't have another purchase in me so I guess it's back to 35mm again until I am less poor. But I don't know how to avoid this in the future. I could not have done more research, spoken to more people etc.