Very interesting how this ran the full gamut of opinion and quite telling just how differently we all think. I did not 'suffer' from my seeming omission here but I did want to run this by just to see what you would have done. This incident was over a year ago and the film is long gone into the incinerator.

More than the specific incident is the mindset that runs from 'you did serious wrong' to 'you did nothing wrong'. And I am sure that each can make an honest case as to his/her respective position. I feel no lingering guilt here: my intentions were noble (albeit just a mite curious). In essence, it is no big deal but I would not do that again perhaps.

Thomas Bertilsson, I think, gave the best overall answer as his covered all ground without polarizing the situation. However, I do thank you all. And, of course, further comments on this ethical question might also shed new light upon our habits as humans. We are revealed not only by our actions but also by our reasons for such. - David Lyga