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You may want to consider the Nikon F3. It's built like a tank, but it's not a large camera. I don't have big hands and I find the camera to be very ergonomic.
Mmhhh... I find the AE lock difficult to use without motordrive, and unusable with it. The lcd illumination system is not very useful, either. It's loud without the motordrive; once I did shoot a funeral with it, and ended composing the shot, metering manually, flipping the mirror up, and taking the shot blind in order to evade the slap-thunk of the mirror. Eerie feeling... 500-800 persons at a time, and absolute silence.

With the motordrive, it's like opening fire with a FN-FAL. People duck and cover. Nice for the deer in the headlights look.

I find it quite largish; it's good as an unofficial press pass.

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The aperature priority mode has been indispensable for me. The camera-metered exposures are usually dead on.
Fully agree. The metering pattern (fat spot) is very nice.