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So 32x is about 32" x 48". And that size print would properly be viewed at say 6 to 10 feet, at which distance it would look fabulous. God I miss TechPan.

I took a slide in 1998, on the Rhine river of the Marksburg castle at a distance of a bit more than a mile. Handheld at 1/500 and whatever f stop worked that day - say f:5.6 to f:8 - with 100 speed Agfachrome, the weathervane atop one of the towers is clearly reproduced (although the film is losing it) and you can read the wind's direction. This with a silver-nose Sonnar 105 made about 1968, with some light coating marks on the front. I miss Agfachrome too.

Thanks for printing that and posting it.
You're quite welcome. The print focus might still be a bit off; I can't use a grain magnifier on the floor and turn the focusing knob on a 23CII at full extension at the same time. Plus, I think 32x is outside of an EL-Nikkor's range of best performance. It is also interesting to see how the print looks so much better than the digital scan. Film is truly a remarkable invention; I'm grateful to have picked it up at its zenith, hoping for a very long autumn. No telling how good digital will be when it's 130 years old!

You might look into Spur developer and a film Rollie markets, it might be Tech pan-ish. Google "Erwin Puts" and Leica. He has a piece on it. Freestyle sells it. I think CMS-20 is gone now.