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This is always fruitless. For the most part, people where it's legal and there's a culture of law abiding gun ownership and usage like things that way, and vice versa. The only exception that sticks out in my mind was a couple of folks in Australia who expressed their love for our firearm laws here (as in "I f##'in' LOVE Georgia!") over on the LFPF. But those, I feel quite sure, were either former or current rural Australians. I grew up rural and owned guns all my life. My dad bought a shotgun for me when I was born, and gradually introduced me to it and to rifles and eventually handguns at age appropriate times. I have a photo of me at about age 2 or 3 holding that shotgun with my dad doing most of the holding of it and me (carefully.) It lived at my grandmother's, who last used it age 93 to dispatch a marauding groundhog from her garden, until her death, but by the time I was old enough to drive I was welcome to go get it any time I wanted to take it hunting. I still have that little .410. For most of my formative years I would have been shocked to learn that some people DON'T own guns. Really. My wife grew up in and has always lived in urban areas and had never held a firearm until we got together. Initial aversion is giving way and she's changing her mind; she's finally even expressed a desire to learn to shoot. But then her father is from south Alabama and though he never owned guns to my knowledge he's quite comfortable with hunting and people having them, and she has a strong country southern influence from his side of her family. It's a cultural thing we could argue for years about and never really understand how the other could have the views we do.
Same basic scenario here. I have a picture of me at about 3 holding - not shooting - a .22 revolver.

I just wanted to needle the guys a bit. I do respect their point of view (believe it or not).