The main driver/interface seems to be set, they are only fine tuning it now. The Mac driver seems to have a problem with blocking up shadows, which is not happening on Windows, thats one of the things they are working on right now. I've been there on Wednesday (2nd day), and they where hoping to get an updated driver even until the end of photokina, so its final spurt right now. All in all, they confirmed what has been said about the scanner before and stated that Plustek did a good job on the hardware. The person I talked to had made a scan personally that resolved 5100dpi on the USAF target with beta drivers, so the optical 5300dpi resolution advertised is pretty honest. Concerning d-range, they confirmed the official statement of 4.01, but I forget to ask whether that could be achieved solely by multi-exposure or single scan as well. It surely looks like a great device - I am saving up for it!