Yes, over-insuring is analogous to gambling and is both illegal and claims will not be paid.

But why is it so hard to find straight talk about 'replacement value' insurance. Go to the average State Farm or other home owners policy agent and you will get blank stares. For example, are heirlooms insurable? I am certain that Lloyds of London would have a carrier that would insure, but why do you have to go to that esoteric level? Why does the claim always have to be 'what you could get for that' and not 'what you would have to pay in order to replace that'?

This camera hoarding is a sickness and I admit that I am sick. These were bought, however, at extremely good prices and I rarely buy anything that I cannot sell immediately for virtually the same price. So this illness is tainted with logic. I cannot get these cameras or lenses out of my blood. - David Lyga