In the 1970's everyone was dumping vacuum trubes for 'better, smaller, more reliable' transistors. Good tube manucfactures shut down or went into other types of manufacturing. Then, in the 1980's, some people realized that they really liked tubes for their unique characteristics - and folks started searching for surplus tubes. Soon the surplus market dried up and then the demand really kicked in, some companies started making tubes again. Now - today you can buy common audio trides, pentodes and rectifiers from any one of about a dozen manufactures - all good, some better than others. None are made here in the US.

Is there a lesson here? I think so - I think we are already beginning to see it - there will be several boutique film / paper / chemical manufactures that will see there is money to be made, and they will make what they can sell. Will we ever see Kodachrome again? Maybe not, but the popular B/W film formats for 'home brewers' like us surely will be revived, as long as we keep spending money on this stuff. Right now folks are scooping up existing stock on their favorite films in preperation for them no longer being available. As soon as the surplus hoarding phase of our addiction ends (because the surplus is gone) - we all will start spending our dollars with whoever is making what we want / need.

I for one am encouraged at this theory,