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Sounds pretty slick, what with all the blue lights (used to be red) and the thing that goes beep (I'd probably turn it off). Oh, and how could I forget the programming of the sequence so I don't have to manually switch off the motor between baths?

I bought my cpp-2 new back in the mid-nineties from calumet. I think I paid close to $1,300 for it. Sure, it has its wonky bits, like the lame, under-built lift handle... But its been almost twenty years and I've yet to replace circuitry or motors (I have a post 24xxxx serial number which evidently means it has the strong motor) and I routinely use my jobo with more than a litre of chem. The machine is robust! So much so that I wonder who will be buying the cpp3? Even with the ridiculous prices people are putting on used machines and replacement parts on the market, paying another $1,600 for the dubious upgrades of the cpp3 just does not make sense.
1300$ 20 odd years ago is about 2300$ in current dollars (add to that small market, low production volume and Euro inflation). that aside, What of the upgrades are dubious? if anything they are a continuation of what you describe as a robust machine.

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Serious color photographers know that jobo results can't compete with what they get from their pro-lab. Most b/w film users who are deep enough into their hobby already have their jobos. So they must be counting on the lomo-wielding 20-something hipsters who've recently embraced film as a kind of lifestyle affectation.
All you lomophiles prize evenly developed film, right?

Probably not a good bet.
Judging by the amount of interest this post has generated, and the amount of pre orders already in, even before photokina i am not sure it matters who is the exact target market segment.
Serious color photographers in the US have found that over the last 5-8 years no "Pro lab" (if there is such a thing anymore anywhere) can compete with the results of their home processing\Jobo negatives. A 40 gallon deep tank machine that gets used once a day\once a week\once a month, will never be able to compete with the exact repeatability of a small, consistent low volume system.

You are right though - many of the current film users are new to the field and have a different set of standards then those that once existed and are no more. It does not make anything less of them, if anything - they are doing something never done before - learning all from scratch, which means they can only grow and improve.