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...newly emerging companies such as as the employee buy out AGFAphoto which is now offering APX100 and CT precisia (E-6) films
The films offered by AgfaPhoto are not manufactured by them nor made on their specifications. They are either stock from Agfa/AgfaPhoto production or bought from manufacturing companies out of their standard portfolios.
Thus they are no true enrichment of the range of films on the market.

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One which commands the respect of many dedicated users, some of whom were not even born when companies like Agfa went in to receivership for the first time.
There is only one receivership in the long history of Agfa:

in 2005 when Agfa's so called "Consumer Imaging" Branch short after having been sold by Agfa went into insolvency/receivership.
(Not involved in insolvency was a newly erected holding company which was the actual buyer of the Consumer Imaging branch and which forms the AgfaPhoto company mentioned above.)

I would be be glad if 7-years old would be "dedicated users" of film.