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I wouldn't mind seeing a link to that RAF/Rolleicord info. Are you sure you are not mixing that up with the story of the Rollei T which was re released for British military with a Xenar instead of the previous Tessar. I have looked everywhere I can with google and find no such mention of the Rolleicord being used by the RAF. There is history of famous photographer Don McCullin buying a Rolleicord while in the RAF.
I think that you are right and that I confused the Rollei T/Xenar change for my mythical 'Cord/Tessar change. Thanks for the correction and for stopping more misinformation spreading around the internet! I can't go back and edit or delete my post. Anyone know if I can contact a moderator and get it deleted?

Unless someone knows otherwise, to be clear, my post concerning Rolleicords made with Tessar lenses for the RAF is not true. Sorry for the falsehood, all.