I shoot about 70% B&W, 30% color. About 5% of that is transparency film. Currently 90% 35mm and 10% 120; I do not shoot LF. I process my own B&W, send out my color for process and scan. I have no scanner or printer at home. I have lately been looking at doing my own color processing, or perhaps just the E6, as it seems like everyone I go to sends their E6 to Dwaynes.

At the current rate of disappearance I don't see color materials being available ten years from now, or priced so extravagantly as to put it out of reach of the hobbyist, so I am more focused on the B&W side of things; as I intend to build a darkroom in the next five years, it will be a B&W darkroom. Any investment in color process, I am thinking, will be money flushed down the toilet. I wish it were otherwise, and will be delighted to be proved wrong.