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Judging by the amount of interest this post has generated, and the amount of pre orders already in, even before photokina i am not sure it matters who is the exact target market segment.
Serious color photographers in the US have found that over the last 5-8 years no "Pro lab" (if there is such a thing anymore anywhere) can compete with the results of their home processing\Jobo negatives. A 40 gallon deep tank machine that gets used once a day\once a week\once a month, will never be able to compete with the exact repeatability of a small, consistent low volume system.
If you're already slammed with pre-orders then that is great news. I guess I should not have underestimated the lure of the Jobo brand and lore surrounding rotary processing.

Don't get me wrong... I love my Jobo but only with certain b/w developers. I'm not into e-6 but with c-41 I performed extensive testing on keeping the process in control. I used kodak professional control strips and scientific method to observe potential weak points in the jobo process in regards to keeping c-41 in control. Temp. control and aerial oxidation were determined to be the two major culprits. Undoubtedly the development was incredibly even across the test 4x5's I made prints from but the process was not dead nuts in control and, making matters worse, there was variability between batches. I reported on these extensive tests here if you care to understand more of what I went through with jobo and c-41.... http://www.apug.org/forums/forum40/3...ults-jobo.html

Considering the popularity of the jobo I was surprised by how few people responded to the thread. But then again, this might be evidence of how many Jobo users are running sensitometry tests on their color process.

Yeah, believe it or not, there are still pro-labs dedicated to developing e6 and c41. I use LTI in nyc. Praus in Rochester is another that does careful work for a widening customer base, some of whom send their film from far away. Both these labs run control strips daily and never have a problem keeping it steadily in control, from one day to the next.