Hi everyone.

Today I received in the mail a Koni Omega Rapid 100 with 3 lenses. Sweet, except when I looked through the viewfinder, I saw that the luminous gridlines that's visible in the viewfinder has somehow become 'unstuck', or more accurately, it appears to have come 'unglued'. It is now lying askew and has titled on its side. When I shake the camera or tap the front of the camera, I can see the gridlines moving around in there, in every which way. Sometimes it almost returns to it's original & correct position, but almost is as good as it gets. Then it starts moving around & tilting this way & that again. However, when I turn the focusing knob, I can see the gridlines moving accordingly as to correct for parallax. At least that's still working somewhat. Other than that, how will I compose anything with the gridlines the way it is?

I'm guessing that the gridlines are on a piece of plastic or thin glass & this has somehow come undone. I don't know what could've caused it. I have another Rapid Omega 100 camera body & the gridlines in that one are working properly & stays in place. The rangefinder is way out, though.

Anyone experienced this before? Pretty weird, I know. But worth asking anyway. If yes, what can I do to repair it?

I paid a small fortune for this kit (in postgraduate student's terms), and having it turn out this way is pretty frustrating.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.