I use E-6 at home for my super-8 processing, E-6 is a piece of cake at home, even by using a water bath to maintain temperature. I use the Tetenal 3-Bath kit for E-6 and Tetenal C41. I use kodak ektar film as my primary colour film, superb! C41, like E6 is a piece of cake, easier than B&W in fact.
Its just maintaining temperatures, failures here can be catastrophic, but keep to it, and it is easy. I plan to home process all my super-8 so as long as i can shoot colour super-8, i will use E-6. likewise for C41. I do alot of B&W shooting, developing and printing, all depends on my mood at the time for what I am shooting. I use many B&W films favouring Rollei RPX, Kodak TMAX and ilford's range (Delta 100, 3200, FP4), XP2 Super I use when i know I will need to shoot under a wide range of conditions for a given session, and the C-41 processing for XP2 makes it a piece of cake.