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Gosh, I thought when I saw digital and analog comparison photos here on APUG, the digital photos were always made to look bad.... ;-)

Seriously though, I REALLY doubt there is any conspiracy involved in either case.
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Having written for many photo publications during the past 19 years I can state I was NEVER told what to say or write!! I once asked what to do about products I didn't like, and was told "we have plenty of good products to write about, we don't need to waste time writing about bad products".
There's a few here who have written for photomagazines over the years and in recent years they've found that magazines don't want analog/film based articles. I can thinkl of two excellent UK writers who've been shunned by a magazine they contributed a lot to.

Is there a conspiracy ? Very possibly, the big players in the digital market place have stiffled analog content in most magazines, advertisers have a lot of pwer over editors/advertising departments.

This happened before digital where some advertisers had such big budgets they could influence equipment review. A classic case was Hoya who released a range of lenses for 35mm cameras with great reviews, only to fall flat because the lenses were truly awful, very poor Multicoating and excessive flare, despite actually being quite sharp !!! The complete range was pulled, the brand name dropped from the company's lenses, after a complete redesign they relaunched a higher quality range under their Tokina brand name.

Some magazine have no real bias, the BJP in the UK for instance, sure Digital equipment dominates but theyt do report on films, papers etc but we have to accept that what we want is now a small part of the market.

But when a magazine runs a B&W issue with no mention of B&W film (or paper) then yes we must question the editorial policy and ask why not. The magazine I have in mind has advertisers selling analog materials.

So please keep doing what you are, getting analog articles into anywhere you can.