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Caution: Semi long post.

I recently acquired a Jobo CPP2 system (along with some other goodies) for a reasonable price and am weighing the possibility of resale vs. getting into the mail order film processing business. To that end Iím curious about your view of your personal usage of E6 & C41 materials for the next 5 years.

I am not new to color processing and process control as I have 8 yearís experience in C41 from late Ď80ís to early Ď90ís. Although those systems were continuous, replenished systems. The last half of that was in my own mini lab, so Iím pretty familiar with that end of the film business.

My challenge will be getting up to speed on E6 and deciding how to approach chemistry management in both cases; 1-shot or replenished. Iíve been reading as many old threads as possible on APUG to get a feel for the particulars. It seems the balance between convenience and cost savings is more or less leveled out by the time involved. While I understand the difference between seasoned/replenished systems versus 1-shot w/starter in the mixes, Iím having trouble getting my head around the terminology manufacturers use to denote their various products and which is meant for a high-volume system and which for low volume production lines like Iím anticipating for myself.

Iíll be able to handle anything up to 4x5 in the Jobo and will be looking to expand that. One wrinkle I see is slide mounting. At present I donít have any set-up for that and donít plan to add that capabilityóthough Iím open to rethinking that if needed. I do have an Epson 3200 scanner and will probably include a Ďcontact sheetí scan. I will not be doing color printing on silver-based materials, and I havenít given much thought to offering color printing from digital.

My question to all of you is; do you feel inclined to respond if I create a short, 10-question poll on Survey Monkey asking about your film and service usage as it relates to you for the next 5-7 years? I thought that would be easier to deal with than creating a monster thread here. I also encourage further discussion here as well. Thanks.

Steve Giesel
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