Hey Guys,

first of all I want to say hi as it's my first post here at Apug, I've just recently discovered the site. I've already read a lot of really interesting topics here and happy that this site is existing!!!
I'm shooting with 35mm and medium format. But now I came to a point that i want to give a real try to polaroid cameras. And would like to hear your opinions.
I'm fairly inexperienced about polaroid cameras. Some years ago bought an SX70 camera for a really low price i couldnt leave there, bought an Impossible film for it, but the pictures were just crap. Didn't know it's the camera or the film. The guy at the wholesale shop i buy the films insisted on the fact that Impossible films have a lot of quality issues. That's all of my history with polaroids.

For me the film price is an issue, impossible films are way too expensive for me to shoot regularly. Land cameras could be an option, but i don't have really any knowledge about them. But as far as i know Fuji FP 100C films are good for them and they are not that expensive. Just today i was recommended Fuji Instax 210, but it's similar to a toy camera. Don't know. Searched for some pictures at flickr and they're not that bad.

I'd be happy to hear any useful tips which to buy.