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E6? I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up several hundred rolls of Ektachrome E100G and VS (both in 35mm and 120 formats) over the course of the last several months (perhaps 700 rolls total?). At current rates, this stash should last me 18-14 months. Thereafter, I am not certain whether I will start shooting Provia/Velvia or just give up on colour work. To date, I have been sending my E6 to Dwayne's; I have a batch (60 rolls?) that I will have processed locally (ABC Color) to see how well the locals do.

ABC isn't currently doing E6. They are having Customcolour do it for them.

They tell me though that if volumes warrant it they will consider re-instituting the service. Maybe your 60 rolls will tilt the balance.