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That kind of thing has happened many places, where parents have been arrested for photographing their babies in the bathtub. Its absolute silliness. A little common sense goes a long way in evaluating if a baby in the bathtub is being photographed for prurient purposes.
i agree it is kind of crazy and common sense goes a long way ..
this wasn't in a bathtub or an infant though, but a child at the beach
i never saw the photos, only heard about them ..

at the time this happened ( mid 1990s ) there was a huge uproar about this ...
dcyf threatened to take the kid from the parents ( from what i remember )
and the woman who was a well known and respected photographer ended up on
national tv shows and eventually got a degree in law ( from harvard ? ).
and the lab, which was a well known pro-lab was in the public eye regarding privacy &c.
i am friends of mutual friends and don't really remember what happened
after the dust settled ..