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As somebody said before, They have upgraded the motor and such. I brought my first CPP2 in 1983. I then brought another, humidity killed one board. I still have one to this day. It is like brand new, its only had one new pump, two new motors, a couple of reworks on the board and I made a handle to overcome the lift issue with 3000 drums. All jokes a side it is built well and is designed practically. I can only see the advances in electronics to be a blessing to the new machine. I would ensure you would have good ventilation to contribute to the longevity of the components. I will be getting one for sure.
Like the farmer who had a favorite axe he'd never part with. He'd replaced the handle three times and the head twice, but it was still his favorite axe and he'd had it for 30 years.

The design is pragmatic. The materials, at least on the CPE2 I have, are clearly "adequate for light use" but a lot of these, particularly the CPPs, are being put to serious professional use levels.

Maybe eventually I'll spring for one of these. I like the system, but the price on the new ones is pretty hard to justify for the level of use I give mine.