I read Jim Browning Post about an old technology which had been discarded after Digital Cameras.

It was about taking photograph with color film , develop in BW Developer . Result was a film which have 3 layers , Red Green Blue transformed in to BW tone equivalent.

Than the trick is to scan the film from back and front and altogether and find from two scans back and front layers first and minus from general scan picture to find the middle layer.

I am agree , APUG is not a scanner friendly group and this technology dont produce too far result from C41 or E6 processed color film if everything has done calibrated but this technology is special for Kodachrome Film. Noone develops them , there are too many at the market and digital coloring is friendly for that.

I think , if we apart from photoshop , other option is to scan Kodachrome BW film as much as you can with your scanner , print 3 inkjet positives and apply Dye Transfer Method.

Another method is more analog and it came to my mind now.

If we can print the digital bw inkjet printouts than we attach RGB filters to the analog camera one by one and for each filter , we photograph equivalent BW printout , film might record the each one of the bw films in to one of its layers. Than develop and see the picture.

Question :

What was the original BW developer of Kodachrome process. If I am not wrong , everything starts with 3 layer BW processed film.

How can we match with Kodachromes original RGB colors with computer ? Is there a ICC for Kodachrome ? I think I know what to do ,
Photoshop Evaluation and Alien Skin Plug in for Kodachrome Emulation is for 30 or so days.

We can experiment with American RGB values , create blank RGB color files and than Kodachrome Emulation with Alien Skin , than Analysis than find the real values for computer.

This is real result , faraway better than emulation because noise will be real.

And most importantly how can we scan for example back layer without seeing others or 3 scans and computer could do it , I bet it can.

Mustafa Umut Sarac