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The original poster asked if this was fair use - that implies a copyright issue.

You bring up issues outside of fair use/copyright use.

The issue of legal defamation is far beyond 'my pay grade' and probably should be outside the scope of this forum.
Point taken.

The copyright issue seems pretty clear cut. Most of us agree on that, hands down, but, secondary to that, we, as creators and users of images, need to be aware of problems arising from publishing pictures of others without permission.

Defamation and civil rights issues come third. I only mentioned them as additional "gotchas."

I agree that these issues are tangential to the question at-hand and to the forum, in general.

My reason for mentioning all that was merely to highlight the fact that, when you use an image without permission, you potentially open up a knarly can of worms.

Suffice to say that use of that image was a no-no on many levels.