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You also got the Wehner pictures online. It is not good for evaluating, but good enough to get a first impression.
Would you give me the link to the Wehner pictures? I am very interested.
O.k., o.k., you have all won.....
But really, it is only for a first impression. If I look at these slides on a lighttable and especially in projection, it is a completely different world compared to the very low quality on the computer monitor.

The following shots are all made on Rollei Retro 80S as an infrared film, using a Heliopan RG 715 filter (this filter blocks light up to 715 nanometer).
All shots developed by Klaus Wehner in his reversal process (a very sophisticated 20 step process).
Klaus Wehner has modified his reversal process for Retro 80S a bit for even surpassing the excellent results when using this film as an IR film. So he offers reversal processing of Retro 80S as a normal film, and additionally he offers a slightly modified process for 80S as an IR film ( he is a perfectionist concerning reversal quality).
The Dmax of his Retro 80S slides is in the 3,80-4,00 logD range.

Here are some test shots (no art....):




And here two shots which I have with full intent underexposed to get a "moonshine effect":



I am using Retro 80S and Superpan 200 for years now as infrared films with a Heliopan RG 715 filter. The results have always been excellent (the IR sensivity is on the same level as the Rollei IR film). I've always got an excellent Wood effect with brillant white with the foliage. The characteristic curve of these films is flattening a bit in the highlight zones (VII - X). Therefore you can even intensify the Wood effect by a light overexposure (and without 'burned highlights') to get an even more brillant white if you want that.
BW infrared slides look outstanding in projection. The brillant white of the foliage is really shining. It is impossible to get that stunning look with prints. As much as I love making my own prints in my darkroom, but with BW IR I prefer BW reversal, it is a league of its own.

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P.S. Thanks to Dominique Ventzke for making the scans.