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Monophoto: I think the same.

Am I correct then by saying that by doing this crossover, I lose zones 8+ ?
Short answer is no.

Long answer:

Any given paper/paper grade, has a finite range that is typically much shorter (maybe 6 stops) than any negative's range (8-15stops). The difference in their ranges gives us what is commonly referred to as a film latitude.

So for a straight print, with no burning or dodging, if a face is placed at the same brightness point on the paper, the print detail will remain essentially the same, from a bracketed set of negatives that may run from maybe as much as 2-stops under exposed to as much as 4-stops over. A lot depends on the scene and the film in question, this is a variable, not an absolute.

This is essentially the principle disposable and toy cameras use. The film's latitude allows the "same" print to be made from a wide variety of camera/negative exposures without losing detail at either end.

Print highlight and shadow detail are only lost when you exceed the limits of the film.