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Henning, I'm sorry to say, but as Maco itself says that the films are identical
no, they say exactly the opposite, that the films are not identical. I've talked to them about this topic at Photokina last week.
Ilford has very clearly told them that these emulsions are different compared to the Kentmere.
They are also in very close contact to developer manufacturers Wolfgang Moersch, Heribert Schain and other independent experts who have tested all these films side by side. And all have so far confirmed Ilford's statement.

As you don't believe Ilford, Maco, Moersch, Sänger, Schain I suggest you just do a comparison test by yourself. Then you will see that the films are different.
(BTW, the error on the German macodirect shop site has been corrected).

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But maybe it is a different batch, a batch which Harman didn't want to use, or something like that, I don't know. But it is completely clear that Harman did not make a special new film just for Mr Schroeder. We all see how difficult it is to make a new film.......
Of course they did it not for 'Mr Schroeder'. They have a contract with Maco. Mr Schroeder has retired more than a year ago, but the contract is still there. And both companies keep this contract.

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and it would be really strange if Harman created a new unique film just to sell a small batch under the label of Rollei and stop production then.
The production is not stopped. There is just a new shipment from England on the way to Germany. The two RPX films will be available in the future. At Photokina they told me that the demand for these films is increasing.

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This would be completely nonsense and I'm sure that Harman does not make such nonsense.
I completely agree that Harman does not make nonsense. They are very clever. And they are very cooperative. At Photokina I've heard so much happy comments about Harmans policy to cooperate with other companies. Their policy is very appreciated by their partners.
Harman produce film for Maco (the RPX line).
They also make paper for
- Adox
- Bergger
- Oriental.
It's part of their business to do OEM manufacturing. It works. It makes sense for them and their partners.

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