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Brian Shaw: I can't answer that. I don't really know from a degree or micron perspective what an acceptable tolerance is. Also, not having owned a dozen LF cameras, its hard to come up with a useful reference point. I would say, however, it should at least be plumb/square enough that I can't clearly and obviously see that it is wrong without even measuring things. Perhaps I'm wrong about that requirement.
I think that is the heart of the problem and why I asked that question. I know my camera has both detents and bubbles, and they are slightly out of agreement... but the lensboard and GG are in very close alignment. I could not measure the difference without employing specialized tools, and the difference (if any) doesn't show on the GG. But when setting up the camera I level by "averaging" the bubbles on the front and back standards. So there is nothing to worry about, right? Why worry about the theoretical when it has little-to-no impact on the practical. If I ever had a camera where the standards were visually out of whack... I'd get rid of it. I've never used a "modern" view camera that hasn't been abused that has ever had an apparent alignment problem. The factory detents may not be absolutely perfect but they always seem good enough" to me.