I am interested in integrated circuit production technology for a long time and CCD technology seem to me could be improved.
Before all discussion , you might all know that photon, light sensitivity is possible without transistors on silikon base.
I always impressed that how silicon wafer production is powerful and wafers are cheap. You can buy a 6x6 silikon wafer for 100 or cheaper dollars.

The problem is to sense the electrical activity after silikon directed to light. All the world is a stage and our intelligent engineers plants millions of tiny transistors to detect wherever the electrical activity is.

I thought if we can sense the total energy from few corners and short term fourier analysis , we could sum and minus of timing of electric sensivity for each corner , we could detect more information from wafer without microlithography , 500 production steps and 2 billion dollar factory.

But I found even easier way.

This comes from my experience and Brain Tissue Imaging Technology.

Lets be faster and enter the main subject.

You have a 4x5 camera and you want a electric viewfinder at dark.

All you have to do is to buy thin silikon wafer and place to the camera back and coat it withvoltage sensitive dye.

Voltage sensitive dye would produce the fluorescent image of wherever the electric signal was.

Your wafers light focused surface will produce electricity and other side will emit that and voltage sensitive dye would produce image.

Other option , you have a heavy weight LOMO Anamorphic Square Front Cinema Lens and an Konvas Soviet Film camera. You want to put a opaque plastic to the back of your lens to focus and produce an image on opaque layer and your konvas recods whatever it sees from it. This is most widely used technique at digital , analog film business.

If you change the opaque layer with a thin layer of wafer and voltage sensitive dye , you get brighter results.

Other technology is low high resolution big displays , for example you want to build a rectangular plate and touch sensitive surface and an display on it for midi musical interface like an guitar.
Only you have to do is to cover some area with silkscreen printed circuit , coat it with voltage sensitive dye and last suface is a glass or plastic transparent. Voila , you have a display extreme cheap.

You can print an semiconductor on to a plastic film and coat with this dye and get a display.

If you can fix that dye , you would have a film.

Mustafa Umut Sarac
All rights are reserved.