Thank you. I was beginning to think we had lost the event. Because of the lack of response by Wednesday evening we canceled the $111 Porta Potty that was to be delivered Thursday AM. My social security budget didn’t want to get stuck. With this small volume of people you are welcome to use the house bathrooms until we go to bed. There is a small park about a half mile west of us on the north side of Everett Rd. that has Porta Potties for hours we aren’t awake.

It has been raining much of this week. More has fallen today and as of 11:00 AM more predicted for later today. That means I won’t be able to cut the grass in the camping area or around the house. Keep your boots on. Jeff B, bring a water proof drop cloth if you are not bringing the trailer. You are welcome to sleep with any of the girls to help keep warm. What happens in the woods stays in the woods.

Since everyone wants to go shoot in different directions we will have to sort that out when people arrive.

I can see Jeff B shooting at the Ledges in the AM, getting ice cream and then joining Bethe at the Farm.

Chris, I would suggest pairing up with Peter S and Jeff S Saturday. Both have knowledge of the Flats.

Nick, let us know which option appeals to you or offer yet another.

Will anyone be here Friday for supper? We were thinking Pizza again. If you are on the road you can call your order in and pick it up 20 minutes later. Teressa’s Pizza 4174 Wheatly Rd. Richfield, OH - 330-659-9555. That is the little shopping center on the corner of Wheatly and Brecksville Rd.

Thanks for coming. Anyone else planning to be here? When?