Dolly and I did see this. It is overwhelming because there are so many styles and subjects. Some books are quite valuable and wired to the long table, but you can pick them all up and look and read. There are all sizes and qualities of paper. Even if you don’t like a particular photographer’s work it is fascinating to see the choices of style, print, paper and how the images were sequenced.

We saw this exhibit with the Youth & Beauty exhibit from the 20s which is now closed. There were many B&W photos by some of my favorites from the period. The two created what I call museum overload. I just can’t take it all in with one visit. I am reminded of our first visit to the Carnegie Museum where the tickets were stamped in large print with, “You can’t see it all in one visit. Use this ticket for a discount on your next visit.”

Let me know when you are coming. Maybe I can join you for my second tour of the dyi exhibit. I think this is one of the free exhibits. Entrance to the museum is free to the public. The Youth & Beauty exhibit had a charge for non members, but it is closed now.

The museum has been going through a multi million and multi year restoration. The huge atrium, the largest and most beautiful I have seen, opened a day or so before we saw the exhibit. Spectacular architecture.