How small an angle? I have a very nice Luna Pro SBC with 7.5/15 degree attachment, fitted leather pouch and fresh battery I can sell for $95 plus shipping. If you need a narrower angle then I have a really nice 1/3 degree Sekonic L-778 with fresh battery I can sell for $195 plus shipping. Both are outstanding meters and are very accurate.

I also have a very nice Honeywell/Pentax 1/21 degree meter (the Honeywell is a very early version) but the low range is buggy (might just be a battery fitment issue) and a very old (mid-late 1960's) but very nice Minolta View Meter 9 (a fairly uncommon meter) but its dial doesn't hold the reading as it should after releasing the button (might just be a dirty switch). I won't sell these two until I can remediate their issues... or unless you really want them as-is to work on yourself. If you're interested in one of these then I'll research prices.